Friday, February 29, 2008

Catch Up

We've been really busy this past month, not busy enough to excuse me from not blogging for so long, but pretty busy still. I know this is ridiculous, but sometimes I blame my lack of blogging on writers block. I have plenty of things to write about, but I just can't seem to put it in words! Here are some of things we've been up to.

We celebrated Dawson's 2nd birthday (only 2 weeks late!) This was my best attempt at making him a birthday cake!

And here he is enjoying it!

Chase had his first date! This is London, and even though they acted unaware of each other, deep down I think sparks were flying between these two.

Justin discovered his super hero powers

We blessed Chase

And he turned 3 months old

So those were the highlights! A few of the lowlights included me getting my wisdom teeth pulled, Chase getting thrush, Justin throwing up on me at Disneyland, and Nazar having a nasty cold that he still hasn't been able to shake. Well that brings us up to date. Hopefully I can get over my writers block and blog more frequently during this next month!

Just Me And The Boys

With the addition of our second son Dawson to our family last year, I'm completely outnumbered. At times it seem like life is just one big noisy, dirty, wrestling match! But really I couldn't be more happy! Justin and Dawson are so much fun (most of the time!) It's been so fun to watch them grow and develop. In an attempt to share our stories and pictures with those of you who are interested, I'm starting my first blog. My plan is to keep you updated on what's going on in our lives, but I reserve the right to slack off every now and then! After all I do have a 3 year old and a 1 year old!