Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Happy Days

I realize that the last 2 posts have been downers, so I thought I post something that's sure to bring a smile to everyone's faces! The kids latest professional pictures! Now I actually got these back a couple of months ago, but today I finally got them in frames around the house. Now all that's left to do is to share them with others!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Poor Babies

This is about the third time I have tried to post in the last week, but I always get interupted and the post never gets published. Let's hope this one gets done. Well, we're having a rough week at our house. Justin has a nasty case of strep throat, and is in a lot of pain because of it. His poor little neck no longer resembles anything that should be seen on a 3 year old. His glands are swollen to the size of walnuts and are extremely painful to the touch. Just in case you thought I was exagerating I included a visual. Now luckily it is very rare for children under 2 to catch step throat, so I'm hoping and praying that Dawson is not the exception! He already has enough to deal with right now. In the past 3 days 3 of his molars have broken though with the 4th on it's way, which judging from his moods, is very painful also. Last night I think Nazar and I were up with the boys about 7-8 times. So basically we're having a really fun week here! Things can only get better from here right?!?

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sick Day

I think the amount illnesses that a family suffers from each year grows exponetially with each child that you have. I feel like we've spent more time this year being sick than being healthy (probably not, but that's how it feels today!) Anyway last night we were driving to Nazar's parents house to celebrate a late Mother's Day with his mom and about 2 blocks before we get there, Dawson loses his lunch (and breakfast and snack, ok you get the idea!) all over the place. So that was fun. After we got him cleaned up he was actually okay for the rest of the evening, but starting at 1 am last night Justin started complaining that he wasn't feeling well. It was clear that he had a fever, and that he was pretty uncomfortable but because of the mood and state of mind he was in, it was not clear how we could help him. Let's just summarize by saying after getting up repeatedly for hours on end with him it was not a good night for any of us. This morning he woke up in a much better mood but still with a fever of 103! By this afternoon his fever is gone and he seems to be feeling much better judging be the fact that he keeps trying to sneak candy from our stash! Oh, and Dawson seems to be fine too. I'm not sure if I should breathe a sigh of relief, or if this is just the calm before the storm! It always seem like if one kid gets sick, not only does the other get it too, but also at least one parent. I guess we'll just wait and see.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Summer's Here!

The past 2 days have been crazy hot for us, (well into the 90's) so while we were at Target this morning I decided the boys would love a little pool since they can't seem to get enough bath time. Well unfortunately their first dip wasn't to their liking. Dawson just whined the whole time, and Justin kept asking me to turn on the hot water! Hopefully they'll have more fun next time!

Thursday, May 3, 2007

We're still alive

I know I've been MIA for weeks now, but I've been busy! Me and the boys just got home from a week long trip to Idaho last week, and I'm still recovering! I promise I'll get around to posting some really cute pictures of our "journey" (as Justin calls it!), but right now I'm still working my way through the mountain of laundry we brought back with us, so be patient please!

Just Me And The Boys

With the addition of our second son Dawson to our family last year, I'm completely outnumbered. At times it seem like life is just one big noisy, dirty, wrestling match! But really I couldn't be more happy! Justin and Dawson are so much fun (most of the time!) It's been so fun to watch them grow and develop. In an attempt to share our stories and pictures with those of you who are interested, I'm starting my first blog. My plan is to keep you updated on what's going on in our lives, but I reserve the right to slack off every now and then! After all I do have a 3 year old and a 1 year old!